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DBCG services include comprehensive consultation helping to identify areas and opportunities within your business to improve performance, delivery, drive project success and ensure streamlined operational processes that can be the difference in leadership and business success.  We offer a suite of quality services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly.
That’s how we ensure our clients continued success.

Production and Operations 
A well rounded production and operational plan can be the difference between success and failure in all areas of business and subsequent delivery.  Allow The DBCG Team to ensure you are set up for success by helping you design and implement your production and operational plans.  We have a team of world class production and operational team members that can deliver their unique and knowledge based expertise and experience to your event planning and delivery needs.

Event Site Management
As you develop the creative approach towards designing an event, using our dedicated Event Site Management Team can be as important as the initial concept itself.  Engaging our team, which could range from one dedicated person to an entire event team, could prove to be the distinct difference in the overall success of your event and deliverables.  The DBCG Team can provide a part, or a full team embedded seamlessly into your event structure in order to deliver the ultimate event delivery and execution.

Locations and Management
Knowledge and experience based location services for the Film and TV industry.  The DBCG Team have delivered many productions for different studios in both national and international locations.  Our full suite of services can be determined by your particular production needs, we can supply teams that can take your production from initial scouting to full location management and facilitation.

Operational Strategy
We provide overarching analysis, consultation and design of operational planning and strategy directly related to your business or project based needs.  The DBCG Team can help with implementing changes to your operational planning, workflow processes or business communication plans we also pride ourselves on being able to provide the latest competitive market intelligence which can help make a distinct difference in your market sector.

Risk Assessments and Safety Plans
There are company policies and plans that are important to your business.  Some are legal requirements that set your business up to be protected and compliant in an ever-increasing competitive and challenging world. 
Perhaps you’re planning your next business activity, have you considered the risk assessments and safety plan needs?  This is the place to talk with a DBCG Team expert and have a skilled and experienced person help this part of your business.

Crisis, Emergency and Risk Management 
You can often tell a huge about a company from its crisis, risk and emergency documentation.  ‘I don’t have any’ you say?  Do your plans need updating?  Now might be a good time to create your own business crisis, risk and emergency management plan.  A robust and informative plan tells you what drives a company and how it protects its interests and the employees, what it does in a crisis and what measures it has in place to remain robust and successful.  Talk to The DBCG Team and let us provide you with the tools you need.

Security, Risk and Protection Services
Protecting your business, premises, personnel and assets are a pivotal and crucial modern necessity.  The DBCG Team has a network of highly qualified national and internationally experienced security and close protection professionals who can offer the services you need allowing you to work with ease and assurance of your safety and security.  We have worked in all areas of security and protection.  Areas include but are not limited to:  Event and activity security, VIP close protection services, Business protection and asset securing.  
We treat our clients and projects with the complete discretion and complete privacy you would expect, so please understand that we are not able to discuss our current or past clientele.  Talk to the dedicated DBCG security Team about all your specific needs.

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